March DVD Order Deadline: 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 24th

Orders on all In-Stock DVD's received before March 24th at 5 p.m. will ship in time to meet the 3/31 Bar deadline. All orders received after March 24th at 5 p.m. will ship after April 1st, and will not count toward the 3/31 Bar Deadline.

If you miss the DVD rental deadline, you may still do an Archived Web-Cast online, which you can order and watch on-demand.

If you have questions, please look at our DVD Rental Policy and DVD Rental FAQ before attempting to contact ICLE to see if you can find your answer there, but please contact us if you cannot. Thank you!

ICLE DVD Rentals

Here's a full description of our rental procedure and terms.

Rental Procedure

  1. Place your order and pay for it through our website.
  2. If you wish to order with a credit card via fax, or with a check or money order via mail, you still must pre-pay.
  3. Orders often ship next business day, but may take up to 2 or 3 business days to turn around depending upon order volume and product availability. We will attempt to notify you if this is an issue.
  4. Your Video and Credit Sheet are due back 3 weeks from the day they are shipped to you. Your return date will be printed on your rental sheet.
  5. Be sure to sign your Credit Sheet before you return it.
  6. The written materials which accompany each video rental are yours to keep.
  7. Upon return of your Video and Credit Sheet, we will notify the State Bar of Georgia and you will be credited with your self-study hours as having been completed during your rental period.

Group Rentals (2 or more Viewers)

  • When you place your order, simply specify how many viewers ("Attendees") will be watching your chosen program for credit, and we'll send you that many sets of written materials to accompany the Video.
  • If you have multiple people viewing the program, only one Attendee has to pre-pay; the other Attendees can pay upon returning the Rental.
  • When you are ready to send the Video and Credit Sheet back, make sure each Attendee has signed the Credit Sheet and included their own attendee fee (via check, credit card info or money order) in order to receive credit for watching the program. Late fees are levied per DVD Rental, not per Attendee.
  • You must return any extra, unused sets of written materials which may be left over from Attendees who had initially planned to, but were not able to watch the video. The account that placed the order will be billed for any unused, unreturned sets of written materials.
  • ICLE does not offer discounts for Group Rentals.

Late Fee and Return Policy

  • Returns must be postmarked by Due Date, which is printed on the Credit Sheet. Late fees are $3 per weekday for the first 10 weekdays.
  • If your return is late, you must include the appropriate amount with your return. Calculate it subtracting the number of weekdays from the postmark date and the "Due Date". We will not report Credit to the State Bar until all outstanding fees are collected.
  • 2+ Weeks Late: If the postmark on your return is 11 or more weekdays past your Rental's Due Date, an additional one-time fee of $50 is automatically added to the $30 that has accumulated, and your late fees cap out at $80.
  • Group Rentals: Late fees are levied per DVD Rental, not per Attendee.
  • ICLE reserves the right to charge a credit card we may have on file for you for any egregiously delinquent late or unreturned material fees.

After Viewing

  • Return the Videos (discs and case) and Credit Sheet (and any extra, unused program materials or extra attendee fees, if applicable) together to:

    (by USPS, insure contents for a value of $100) ICLE Videos, P.O. Box 1885, Athens, GA 30603-1885

    (by FedEx, UPS, etc) ICLE Videos, 248 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA 30601-2445
  • CLE credit will not be reported to the Bar until rented videos (and any extra, unused materials, if applicable) have been paid for and/or returned to ICLE.
  • PLEASE NOTE: An individual may obtain ONLY 6 CLE hours per year via In-house/Self-Study CLE training. "In-house/Self-Study" includes video rental, on-line courses, and audio courses.
  • ICLE reserves the right to charge a credit card we may have on file for you for any egregiously delinquent late or unreturned material fees.

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