Plaintiff's Personal Injury '13

Recorded March 29, 2013


Douglas C. Dumont, Program Chair, Warshauer Law Group, P.C., Atlanta


Douglas C. Dumont

Demonstrating Demonstrative evidence

Steve R. Thornton, Thornton Law Firm, P.C., Atlanta

Can I Sue The Government—Issue Spotting Potential Claims Against Georgia Municipalities and Counties

Steven Salcedo, Law Offices of Steven Salcedo, LLC, Decatur

Worker’s comp and coordinating third-party claims

Laura Reis, Reis Law, LLC, Atlanta

The New Georgia Evidence code

Parag Shah, The Shah Law Firm, Atlanta

How to be ethical and avoid malpractice

David N. Lefkowitz, The Lefkowitz Firm, LLC, Atlanta and Athens

Ways to maximize your recovery—bad faith and abusive litigation

Charlotte K. Perrell, Perrell & Wright, LLC, Atlanta

Case selection—a stool must have 3 legs to stand

Douglas C. Dumont

how to strike a Friendly Jury

Jenny E. Jensen, Jones Jensen & Harris, Norcross

5 ways plaintiffs torpedo their case

Douglas K. Burrell, Drew, Eckl & Farnham, Atlanta

Representing victims of criminal acts

Andy T. Rogers, Deitch & Rogers, LLC, Atlanta

third party claims—Everyone wins!

Michael J. Warshauer, Warshauer Law Group, P.C., Atlanta