Trial Advocacy '12

Recorded November 9, 2012


    General Practice and Trial Law Section, State Bar of Georgia


    Peter A. Law, Program Co-Chair, Law & Moran, Atlanta

introduction and program overview

E. Michael Moran, Law & Moran, Atlanta

Finding and Telling YOUR Compelling Trial Story: Loving Everything You Hate About Your Case

Joseph A. Fried, Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC, Atlanta

Litigating the Apportionment Issue in a Premises Liability Case

Michael J. Gorby, Gorby Peters & Associates, LLC, Atlanta

Effective Medical Depositions

E. Michael Moran

Cross Examining the Adverse Witness

Shean D. Williams, Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, Atlanta

Critical Issues in Handling Trucking Cases: It’s not just a car wreck!

E. Marcus Davis, Davis, Zipperman, Kirschenbaum & Lotito, LLP, Atlanta

Current Legal Trends on Voir Dire

Joshua Sacks, The Law Offices of Josh Sacks, P.C., Dunwoody

Trying Cases in Rural Georgia

A. Joel Williams, Jr., Law & Moran, Atlanta

Latest Issues and Trends with Case Advances

Reid M. Zeising, Cherokee Funding, LLC, Atlanta

Considerations After the Settlement

Cory Phillips, Forge Consulting, LLC, Atlanta

Simplifying your Trial

Jane Natalie Wilkes, Sharon W. Ware & Associates, Atlanta