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New Features in Fourth Edition

  • Scores of 2015 Georgia and Federal evidence decisions;
  • Georgia Supreme Court decisions on character evidence under Rule 404(b);
  • Impactful 2015 Georgia hearsay decisions;
  • New Georgia cases on impeachment and character evidence;
  • 2015 Georgia and Federal opinions applying the Daubert rule for expert witnesses.

From the Foreword to Carlson on Evidence, Fourth Edition, by Preeminent Trial Lawyer, Bruce S. Harvey, Atlanta

"It is one thing to prepare your case for trial, and another to be ready at trial. Trials require quick reaction time - both in determining whether to object, and what grounds and rule to cite to the court. These are decisions made in the heat of battle and to be a trial lawyer requires a fundamental familiarity with the rules of evidence and the cases supporting your position. If you are a trial lawyer, Carlson on Evidence is your 'go to' book."


In 2013, Georgia adopted its new evidence code, patterned after the federal rules of evidence. Almost immediately, there was a divide among legal observers. Many remained fixated on pre-2013 Georgia evidence authority. Others, like ICLE's Carlson on Evidence, provided readers with expansive federal authority to apply to Georgia's new evidence code.

In a series of dramatic 2015 decisions, the Georgia Supreme Court resolved the issue. Federal case law - the Eleventh Circuit's in particular - should be used to interpret Georgia's new and federalized evidence provisions. Notable Georgia Court of Appeals decisions have aligned with this approach.

Since its first edition, Carlson on Evidence has focused on comprehensive, rule-by-rule, comparative examination of Georgia's new evidence code and its federal counterpart. In its fourth edition, Carlson on Evidence has expanded its unparalleled content even further with a wide array of 2015 Georgia and Federal evidence authority and analysis.

Make sure your law library, trial notebook, and appellate binder have the latest edition of ICLE's Carlson on Evidence.

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